Vegetarian has no place here

As you know, this blog is focus on non-halal foods while my other blog is for halal ones. Since I am on vegetarian diet, I really cannot find anything good to post over here. I am thinking of writing about travel but I have yet to capture the photos of the places I visited. So, […]

Vegetarian kungpao

Clockwise from top : vegetarian kidney, ginger, spring onion, dried chillies, onion and capsicum Over at the Flickr group, we share some recipes once in a while. It is rather fun because the members come from all over the world and we learn something new about each other foods. Few days ago, we discussed about […]

Of pork, soy products and nutrasilver

I have been on vegetarian meals for over two weeks now and experienced some weird body changes. One of them is the longer period. Chinese will say eating vegetables only is ‘cooling’ to the body and hence, bleeding takes longer to heal. That’s why new mothers are not allowed to take vegetables during their post-partum […]

70 calories in your pocket

I completed seven days of detox program and though I lost some inches, I didn’t lose a single pounds. I wished I had been more discipline in my seven days detox and followed the suggested menu given in the booklet. I didn’t go on vegetarian diet like I should have. Instead, I ate everything like […]

Fear Factor is made of these lok-lok

After my 40 days of vegetarian diet, I was dying for lok-lok. I went to Padang Brown for lok-lok but I was going to eat alone as hubby hates lok-lok. I don’t have the heart to ask the uncle to set up a table just for me alone. So, I took a bunch of these […]

I can tell vegetables to go play far-far

Woohoo! Finally, I completed 40 days of vegetarian fasting. Now, I can tell vegetables to go play far-far because I hate vegetables. I only eat them when I am forced to. Bowls of salad like the above are only edible when I have nothing else to bite on. Horrible tasting filo pastry baked vegetable rolls […]